How to setup Google Analytics for my blog

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I have recently started to write the blogs, and I wanted to see the traffic source and number of visitors per day. I know that can be done by adding Google Analytics. 

But as per my knowledge Google gives you a code, to add to your website's html code. So that we can have the complete insights using Google Analytics tool. 

That's where I am a little bit confused, How do I get access to the html code of blogger.com ?

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Hi Akshar,

You don't really have to have the access to the html code of Blogger.com.

You can do the following:

1. Go to Settings tab in Analytics tool. Then navigate to Tracking info -> Tracking Code.

2. Copy the Tracking code to notepad.

3. Go to blog settings in Blogger.com.

4. Click on Template tab on the navigation bar on the left.

5. Click Edit Html for the the template which is live on Blog.

6. Paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code from notepad to the top html code right before closing head or       body tag.

7. Save the template.

That's it. Next day the tool will give you the traffic information to your blog.