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Does SEO essential for Online Marketing?

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I am a newbie in an online marketing field and actually, I am a web designer and developed so many sites for the company.But I have got less profit,So I decide to develop and marketing my sites through online.Currently, I am working with new site college essay writing service
( )  for the students.But my friend is suggested me that SEO is essential for online marketing and without SEO can't develop our online marketing.Does it true?Please give your suggestion.

1 Answer

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimisation. So you are going to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine for particular keyword. So, once someone types the keyword related to your business, your website will be on the front page. This way you get visitor to your website and you can convert them to a paying customer.

SEO is one way of digital marketing. So, of course you need SEO for your website.
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